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TRV|FIT is making waves across the country as we bring an intentional & innovative approach to the industry.  In a space of watered-down studios and cornered in niches we’ve built a model that not only adapts to the climate of fitness needs but also modalities. 

We’re not in the business of aggressively selling franchises. We’re in the business of partnering with motivated, and committed individuals that want to change lives through a very lucrative model.

Upon filling out this form you’ll receive an introduction email with an opportunity to connect via intro call. You won’t receive solicitation calls back, or approached with manipulative sale techniques. Carrying the torch through a TRV|FIT location(s) is an incredible experience but a big life decision. 

We’re in the business of empowering individuals to impact their communities.

If you’re interested in our moveMEANT, fill out the form below, and we’ll be right in touch.


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“Their fitness studios and coaching do this by tailor fitting its products and services according to the unique needs and backgrounds of each individual.” READ MORE


“TRV| FIT’s fitness brand is rooted in the rational standpoint that self-awareness and development come first; with internal growth comes external development. To cater to the unique and different needs of each individual, TRV|FIT molds its products and tailors it to fit the member. TRV|FIT does not practice a one size fits all approach.”” READ MORE

Kyle Matthews

The American Reporter

“set above and beyond the standard for fitness groups for being a functional group that treats its members like family.” READ MORE


“This brand has not limited itself to being the typical fitness boot camp. It has shifted directions in becoming a highly intentional performance and advanced health coaching for enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.” READ MORE

Dillon Kivo

The New York Weekly

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