We are thrilled to be hosting our annual Summit event at the beautiful MT. Brighton Resort, in Brighton, MI this year.

This public event will have two parts--an intense fitness competition and a 5k run, up the ski hill.

Participants can compete individually, or on same-sex teams in our Rad and Raddest divisions. The event details are as follows:

Part 1) 9:00am

Each Teammate or Individual will complete as many reps as possible in 60 seconds of:

DB Chest Press 

Hex-Bar Deadlift 

DB Down Ups Over The Box 

-Total reps in all 3 events = amount of time deducted from 3 mile run (1 rep = 1 second)



Chest Press: Male #60 Female #35

Hex-Bar Deadlift: Male #185 Female #135

DB Down Ups Over The Box: Male #50 Female #30, 24” Box


Chest Press: Male #35 Female #20

Hex-Bar Deadlift: Male #135 Female #95

DB Down Ups Over The Box: Male #30 Female #15, 20” Box


DB CHEST PRESS: The rep will start when the athlete is laying on the bench Dumbbells in hand with arms at full extension, Dumbbells touching. Dumbbells separate and lowered until contact made with chest, then pressed to full extension and touch to complete 1 rep.

HEX-BAR DEADLIFT: The athlete will begin standing inside the Hex-Bar. They will then squat down and grab the handles with both hands and stand/pull the bar to full extension of the knees and hips with shoulders stacked over the feet to complete 1 rep. *The lift must start from a dead stop, no bouncing will be permitted.


DUMBBELL DOWN UP OVE THE BOX: The athlete will begin the rep holding the dumbbell in one hand, they will then get down on to the ground with chest and thighs touching the floor whilst keeping their hand on the dumbbell (chest must be to floor and not on top of the dumbbell). The athlete will then stand back up with the dumbbell in hand and perform a box step over. During the box over both feet must make contact with the top of the box . There is no requirement to stand tall on top of the box. The rep is completed once both of the athletes feet are on the floor on the opposite side of the box.

When moving over the box the athlete may hold the dumbbell at their side or in the front rack position.

The non working arm may not be used to support the movement in any way e.g. it may not be used to push off the leg to to help with getting up/down or over the box. The hands or the dumbbell cannot be placed on the box during the movement.



Team Example 

DB Chest Press: Partner A 20 reps / Partner B 10 reps / Partner C 10 reps  

HexBar Deadlift: Partner A 10 reps / Partner B 20 reps / Partner C 10 reps 

DB Down Ups Over The Box: Partner A 20 reps / Partner B 10 reps / Partner C 10 reps

 Total Team reps: 120

Team Run Time: 27:30

*Score: 25:30


Individual Example

DB Chest Press: 30 reps   

HexBar Deadlift: 30 reps

DB Down Ups Over The Box: 20 reps


 Total Individual reps: 80

Run Time: 20:00

*Score: 18:40

Part 2) 5K Run 10:00am

-Within the run a sandbag carry will be present for Raddest Individual and Raddest Team Competitors only during a portion of the 5k run. Raddest teams may split the carry and the Sandbag can be carried between teammates however chosen. Raddest individuals will carry by themselves.

Raddest Male/Female Team or individual #60 Male / #30 Female

-All teams must finish the Race together holding hands through the finish line.

*Modifications to movement standards are allowed and encouraged if it will help keep you safe. We never want to sacrifice form or health and we also don’t want range of motion holding someone back from an an AWESOME TIME! Just know that if you do scale you can’t podium.


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